F U Clothing specializes in knit items-hats, scarves, wraps, shawls, beanies, and infinity scarves. Based outside of Chicago, F U Clothing was founded by Jennifer Curry Rumps.  Jennifer started her career as a vintage clothing buyer, for clothing exported to Japan.  She moved on to be a visual display artist, merchandising and doing window displays.  Then, after taking time off to travel throughout Australia, picking up on their culture and fashion, she returned to the States and got married. Jennifer stayed home to raise her children and was able to focus time on growing her dream company, F U Clothing.

F U Clothing focuses on detail, only creating new designs once a year, so there will be months spent on perfecting.  Always handmade and always zoning in on beauty and cutting edge fashion, these items are guaranteed to bring compliments.

This is an environmentally conscious company-hand-making all products, recycling materials, working with other local small businesses, and purchasing eco-friendly yarns whenever possible.

Now to the name…the question always asked!  There are many reasons for the name but here are a few: F U Clothing originally came from Jennifer’s dislike of “label whores”-people who only choose clothes with a famous designer name attached.  This was a little message to them, when they get all nosy checking out who you’re wearing!  Jennifer also believes that swear words are a great stress reliever (scientifically proven!)  There are various other political and religious reasons, but let’s forget all that-the label always seems to bring a laugh!

You see, Jennifer believes that (unfortunately) nobody can make it through this crazy world without having to spit out these words, sooner or later.  And she hopes that whoever has the balls to wear the label will feel a sense of fearlessness and be able to declare “Fuck You!” to anyone who truly deserves it!

F U Clothing acknowledges Gunnar Curry, for his unreal photography and videos- http://www.gunnarcurry.com

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